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When: TBD  9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Doors open @ 8:30am

Where:  TBD

Cost:     First time attendees  $108  Repeat attendees  $59

Registration Link:  www.paypal.me/mimigund

Please pay via paypal link above.

Note: please choose friends & family when paying via paypal. (we will not deduct 3% service fee.)

Purchasing the ticket via paypal will automatically register you for the course.

What to bring:  Wear comfortable clothing, water bottle & most
importantly a notebook & pen

Any other questions or to register to pay cash at the door, please call Mimi @  (406) 250-9657


“To Know thyself is the highest pursuit of man”…

If you are someone who seriously wants to grow in consciousness, no matter your age or where you may find yourself in your life’s journey, this one day intensive, Journey INTO HAPPINESS, taught by an awakened teacher live streamed directly from India is for you! If you are a Meditation or Yoga instructor, or a practitioner of either,  you already know the importance of such a course.

Learn From Awakened Teachers

Ancient and modern teachings imbued with ‘mystical processes’ that absolutely transform your Consciousness.

Practical Tools

Discover the nature of inner struggle and receive activations that allow you to embody your highest potential by staying Present and undefended.

Shift In Consciousness

Experience deeper wisdom and Divine presence coming alive and stabilizing from within… finding true fulfillment.

Participants of this course will receive energy transfers from a fully enlightened monk in India and will move into different states of awakening during the course of this journey.

Congratulations for responding  to the calling to explore what is possible for your life, no matter at what stage you may find yourself.

All the best to you, & we look forward to sharing this beautiful Journey INTO HAPPINESS!